Kathryn Purdie


ON SALE 9/19/23

Can love survive what the forest hides?

A spellbinding YA fantasy from #1 New York Times bestselling author Kathryn Purdie, where fairy tales come to life with dark, deadly twists.

An absolutely gorgeous read. Purdie’s prose is lovely, evocative, and snaring, and the gripping story of danger enraptures both heart and mind. Enchanting. I'll go mad waiting for the sequel! Charlie N. Holmberg, bestselling author of Spellbreaker A luminous fairytale, sharp as teeth and full of heart. Rebecca Ross, bestselling author of Divine Rivals With an immersive world and rich magic, Kathryn Purdie has written a story that will change everything you thought you knew about fairy tales. Tricia Levenseller, bestselling author of Blade of Secrets