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October 6, 2014
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From the Archives: Unexpected Dangers Six-Guns and Serial Killers Making the Accidental Highwayman Videos More Stories...

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More Stories Thrills, chills, and kills! If you’re looking for a scary read for October, we’ve got you covered. John Scalzi’s Lock In is heading to a TV near you! To show how excited the author is, here he is doing his best impression of Kermit the frog. Our Summer 2015 catalog is here, and with it, a bunch of gorgeous covers! Check out the art for The Unnoticeables, The Dark Forest, Time Salvager, The Dinosaur Lords, The End of All Things, and more! What are you looking forward to reading this month? Add to your TBR pile with lists of must-read titles from io9 and BuzzFeed. Tor/Forge authors are on the road in October! Find out where they’ll be.
From the Archives: Unexpected Dangers
by Brandon Sanderson

What makes a woman dangerous? Well, what makes a person dangerous?

To me, the best kind of danger—which is, in a way, also the worst kind—is unexpected. It’s that twisted kind of dangerous that takes something familiar and safe and reveals it as something deadly. Wolves are frightening. To me, a loyal pet going mad and killing a child is ten times more terrifying.

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Six-Guns and Serial Killers
by R. S. Belcher

Like the song goes, “My heroes have always been cowboys.” But another archetypal American figure plays a pretty big role in my new novel, The Shotgun Arcana: the serial killer. In the novel, I had the perverse pleasure of getting to play around with a literal army of psycho-killers—a cult of murders and cannibals, called the Teeth of Cain.

I looked into some bloody back alleys of America’s history to see what kind of real-world serial killers I could use for inspiration. As usual, history didn’t disappoint.

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Making the Accidental Highwayman Videos
Reprinted with permission from Ben Tripp

This is what happens when a writer gets his hands on After Effects.

In Los Angeles, everybody knows somebody who makes movies or television. Ben Tripp worked in the movie business for a long time, and his wife Corinne Marrinan Tripp makes documentary films and television. So he knows people. Talented, versatile people who make the magic happen. You might imagine that when Tor Teen approached him about making a book trailer for The Accidental Highwayman, Ben’s first instinct would be to turn to this tremendous pool of talent.

You would imagine wrong, of course. Instead, Ben set about making the trailer single-handedly.

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