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WoT Companion

Which Ajah Are You?

by Diana Pho, Associate Editor

Be she warrior, healer, hunter, negotiator, advocate, knowledge-seeker, philosopher, or spy, the women of the Aes Sedai come in all different types. Which one fits you best? Find out by reading these brief descriptions from The Wheel of Time Companion, and let us know where you’d belong if you were raised to the shawl!

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Made to Kill by Adam Christopher

R is for Robot

by Adam Christopher

Y’know, there’s just something about robots that I like. Maybe it’s because they’re one of those rare creations that actually made the leap from sci-fi to the real world--what started out as a fictional concept of artificial workers ended up as real machines which build our cars and explore the solar system. Maybe it’s because robots are real that we can see what they might one day become. A warp drive that can take us to the next star in the blink of an eye is pure fantasy...but a walking, talking, thinking machine that can make coffee and take out the trash is tantalizingly possible.

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Mystic by Jason Denzel

Stories That Helped Me Find the Power Within

by Jason Denzel

Over the years, I’ve often described The Wheel of Time as being like a heavyweight boxing champ. It’s big, bulky, powerful, and capable to blasting you to the ground with a massive uppercut of prose and conflict. The upper echelon of characters command titanic powers, making them almost god-like in stature. Balefire roars from their hands. Mountains and oceans fall from the sky when they gesture. Whole armies move at their command. Even dreams submit to their will, making no enemy safe.

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On the Road: Author Events in November

Author Events

Tor/Forge authors are on the road in November! Once a month, we’re collecting info about all of our upcoming author events. Check and see who’ll be coming to a city near you.

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