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EVE: Templar One by Tony Gonzales


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  My 14-Year-Old Self Might Take Issue with The Alloy of Law

  Q&A with Karen Traviss

  Oxen and Sociopaths: Writing Endurance

  Life, the Universe, and the Large White Object


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Wheel of Time News

  Dragonmout celebrating Robert Jordan’s birthday

  Leigh Butler’s Wheel of Time reread continues with The Gathering Storm

Preview Chapters

  THE ALLOY OF LAW (audio excerpt)
by Brandon Sanderson

by F. Paul Wilson

by Rhiannon Frater

by Karen Traviss

by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

The Alloy of Law by Brandon SandersonMy 14-Year-Old Self Might Take Issue with The Alloy of Law

By Brandon Sanderson

As we get ready for the release of The Alloy of Law, I find myself wondering what the teenage me would think of what I’m doing in this book. You see, I became a fantasy addict when I was about fourteen, and one of my mantras quickly became, “If it has guns, it’s not good fantasy.”

Now here I am, adding guns to my most successful fantasy series.



Halo: Glasslands by Karen TravissQ&A with Karen Traviss

Halo: Glasslands is the first novel in an all-new HALO® trilogy by #1 New York Times bestselling author and game writer Karen Traviss. Traviss, critically acclaimed for her original series “The Wess’har Wars” as well as novels written in the Star Wars® and Gears of War® universes, managed to find time in the midst of her Gears of War 3 insanity (she serves as lead writer on the game) to sit down with her publicist at Tor Books and talk HALO.



Endurance by Jay LakeOxen and Sociopaths: Writing Endurance

By Jay Lake

Green is one of my favorites of my own characters. She’s strong, fiercely independent to the point of being annoyingly pig-head, and very much her own woman. When I wrote the first volume of her story for Tor, Green, I was still introducing myself to this extraordinary young lady, and she was introducing herself to me.



House of the Star by Caitlin BrennanLife, the Universe, and the Large White Object

By Caitlin Brennan

There’s something about a horse. You can share your life with a dog and worship your cat, but the horse is as close to a mythical creature as any of us is likely to get. Here is a large, powerful animal that has done everything from carrying armies to war to plowing fields and pulling logs out of the deep woods—and these days, hauling loads of fiber-optic cable where more modern forms of transport can’t go.



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Vernor Vinge on Sinularity

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Halo: Glasslands by Karen Traviss

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