In This Issue: Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson, Jo Walton, Mindee Arnett, Terri Windling, and more
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March 4, 2013
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Commuting Between Universes Building the World of a Series What is Gaslamp Fantasy? Ignoring the Body in the Library: The World of Farthing Spring Cleaning Sweepstakes More Stories...

Check out our monthly #TorChat, featuring Tor/Forge authors chatting with fans on Twitter We have a very special #TorChat planned for March 20th, featuring Ellen Datlow, Jeffrey Ford, Catherynne M. Valente, Kaaron Warren, and Leanna Renee Hieber chatting about their new anthology, Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells. Come join us to chat about short fiction and gaslamp fantasy!

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More Stories The Ender News website has revealed the Dragon Army logo from the upcoming Ender's Game movie! The logos for Salamander, Rat, and Asp Armies have also been revealed. Paperback and ebook editions of Halo: Silentium will contain codes and embedded data to unlock additional Halo content. Max Gladstone looks beyond the West for inspiration, sharing one of his favorite stories: that of Sun Wukong, also known as the Stone Monkey King. Brandon Sanderson has announced the title for his second Stormlight Archives book!
Commuting Between Universes
by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

An author, especially a science fiction and fantasy author, has to have a big imagination—big enough, in fact, to hold an entire universe. Sometimes more than one universe.

We have spent many years developing and expanding Frank Herbert’s extensive Dune universe, telling its story from ten thousand years before the original novel to more than five thousand years after.

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Building the World of a Series
by Mindee Arnett

When I started writing the first book in my Arkwell Academy series, The Nightmare Affair, I had no idea what the prevailing themes of the series would be. Like most writers, I simply took my idea and ran with it. But by the time I finished the first book and started on the sequel, I began to recognize one of the major, underlying themes at work. And imagine my surprise when I realized that I’d laid the foundation for this theme all the way back in chapter two and quite without realizing it.

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What is Gaslamp Fantasy?
by Terri Windling

Our latest anthology, Queen Victoria’s Book of Spells, is a book dedicated to tales of Gaslamp Fantasy: a genre of stories set in magical versions of 19th century England.

We’ve chosen the term Gaslamp Fantasy for our book rather than the other common appellation, Victorian Fantasy—for in fact these stories can take place at any time during the 1800s, from the Regency years early in the century to Queen Victoria’s long reign (1837-1901).

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Ignoring the Body in the Library: The World of Farthing
by Jo Walton

I’ve always liked cosy mysteries like those of Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, and most especially Josephine Tey. You know the kind of book; there’s a ridiculously contrived murder in a country house and a detective and lots of suspects. You can settle down into their lives and try to guess who’s guilty while the servants bring tea and buttered crumpets.

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