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The Omen Machine by Terry Goodkind


In This Issue

  Got A Job in Magicland?

  A Brief Interview with Rhiannon Frater

  At the Abyss

  Another Method

  More Stories

Wheel of Time News

  Towers of Midnight book trailer wins 3 Telly Awards

  2011 Robert Jordan Memorial Scholarship

  Leigh Butler’s Wheel of Time reread continues with Knife of Dreams


  Anthology Prize Pack Sweepstakes - includes Wild Cards Books, Warriors 1 & 2, and A Song of the Dying Earth

  Summer Reading Sweepstakes

  A Dog’s Purpose Summer Sweepstakes

  Kings of Vice by Ice-T and Mal Radcliff

  Angel by Nicole “Coco” Marrow and Laura Hayden

  A Game of Lies by Rebecca Cantrell

  The Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

  7th Sigma by Steven Gould

  End of Days by Robert Gleason

  Awakenings by Edward Lazellari

  The Knowledge of Good and Evil by Glenn Kleier

  First Thrills introduced and edited by Lee Child with an afterword by Steve Berry

  Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers

  A Trace of Smoke by Rebecca Cantrell

Preview Chapters

by Brandon Sanderson

by Kendare Blake

by John Shirley

by Vernor Vinge

by Loren D. Estleman

by Glenn Kleier

by Margaret Truman

by Alan Brennert

by Ian C. Esslemont

by Robert Charles Wilson

The Magic of Recluce by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.Got A Job in Magicland?

By L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

While I always wanted to be a writer, I didn’t start out writing either science fiction or fantasy. In fact, my first published works were poems, and my primary collegiate fields of study were politics and economics. For the record, writing was third. But when I left the Navy, after a tour as a pilot and after the realization that the life expectancy of wartime search and rescue pilots was less than optimal for a man with a wife and children, I returned to the boringly practical and became an industrial economist, followed by other fields required by economic necessity, until I ended up in Washington, D.C., still dealing in economics and politics.



The First Days by Rhiannon FraterA Brief Interview with Rhiannon Frater

Q: The First Dayshas been heralded as ‘one of the girls in a sea full of boys.’ How does it feel to be writing in a subgenre that is predominantly occupied by men?

A: When I wrote The First Days I was aware of the lack of both female characters and female authors in the genre, but frankly, I just wanted to write the story that was in my head. That the two lead characters, Jenni and Katie, are women didn’t really personally strike me as odd, but the reaction from the readers told me that I had broken new ground.



Abyss by David HagbergAt the Abyss

By David Hagberg

More than thirty years ago a young scientist by the name of Amory Lovins argued that the U.S. had reached a crucial energy crossroads:  the path we were taking guaranteed an ever-increasing demand for and reliance on nuclear fission and dirty fossil fuels.



Out of the Waters by David DrakeAnother Method

By David Drake

Last year when Tor asked me for an essay to accompany the publication of The Legions of Fire, the first of my Books of the Elements fantasy series, I explained that riding a motorcycle focuses my conscious mind and thus frees my subconscious. Plotting isn’t simply an intellectual activity for me. The really subtle, really complex structures come from my subconscious.



Short Stories Featured on

Fort Freak edited by George R.R. Martin“The Rook” by Melinda Snodgrass

Please enjoy this new original story by Melinda M. Snodgrass from Fort Freak, the newest anthology in George R.R. Martin’s long-running Wild Cards series

Read the short story >>


Chicks Kick Butty edited by Rachel Caine and Kerrie L. Hughes“Nine-Tenths of the Law” by Jenna Black

Please enjoy this reprint of Jenna Black’s story “Nine-Tenths of the Law” from Chicks Kick Butt, an anthology of short stories.

Read the short story >>


More Stories

  Announcing Dragon Age Novel From BioWare Lead Writer David Gaider

  SF Signal: A conversation with Steven Brust

 Fantasy Faction interviews Brandon Sanderson

  Announcing our debut in the iBooks Apple store interviews Bill Willingham

  Suvudu interviews Kerrie Hughes and Rachel Caine, Editors of Chicks Kick Butt

  BSC interviews Jon Land

 The Big Idea: Steven Gould

 Art of the Genre: An Interview with Michael Whelan

  Adventures in SciFi Publishing interviews Michele Lang

  Interview with First Thrills authors Lee Child, Steve Berry, Michael Palmer, Heather Graham, John Lescroart, & more

 Take Five with J.A. Pitts, author of Honeyed Words

 July is Kitty Norville Month on Book Chick City

  Fantasy Magazine Feature Interview: Dragon Age II Developers David Gaider & Heather Rabatich

 Boing Boing: Steven “Jumper” Gould’s new novel 7TH SIGMA: genre-busting science fiction/western kicks ass

 Honeyed Words is a July feature on the Barnes and Noble book club



Hum and the Shiver Trailer

Tunnel Vision Trailer

The Faerie Ring Trailer

Strong at the Break Trailer

One Second After by William R Forstchen

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