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February 4, 2013
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Cory Doctorow on Aaron Swartz An Interview with Lady Trent, Dragon Naturalist Speechless: Writing Dialogue for Characters Who Don’t Speak A Demented Labor of Love Grab Bag Sweepstakes More Stories...

Check out our monthly #TorChat, featuring Tor/Forge authors chatting with fans on Twitter. This month’s #TorChat will take place on February 20th, from 4 to 5 PM Eastern, and will feature Mad Scientist and editor extraordinaire John Joseph Adams, author Diana Gabaldon, and and a few other mad scientists, talking about the new anthology The Mad Scientist’s Guide to World Domination!

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We are currently offering the chance to win a copy of each of the following books on Goodreads:
More Stories Are you following Tor.com’s read-along of John Scalzi’s The Human Division? A new episode, “A Voice in the Wilderness,” releases tomorrow. Jo Walton, the author of Among Others asks Is There a Right Age to Read a Book? Nightmare Magazine interviews the amazing editor Ellen Datlow. Now that A Memory of Light has published, Tor.com has ideas of what stories fans would love to read.
Cory Doctorow on Aaron Swartz

On January 11, a young hacker, hacktivist and entrepreneur named Aaron Swartz took his own life. He was 26, and I had known him since he was 14. He was facing 50 years in prison. His crime was to walk into an unsecured computer closet at MIT, near the Harvard campus where he had a fellowship, and plug a laptop into the campus network, with which he proceeded to download a large amount of paywalled academic journal articles from JSTOR, an online repository of scholarly works.

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An Interview with Lady Trent, Dragon Naturalist
by Marie Brennan

We are pleased to share with our readership an exclusive interview with Lady Trent, who graciously consented to answer a few questions one morning during a recent visit to Falchester. For her generosity and toleration, we owe her our thanks.

Lady Trent, why publish your memoirs now? You’re already known the world over—what more could you possibly hope to accomplish?

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Speechless: Writing Dialogue for Characters Who Don’t Speak
by Evie Manieri

It’s fair to say that creating dialogue for the characters in a story isn’t just about putting words in their mouths. Facial expressions, gestures, and tone of voice can convey just as much information – or more, especially when a character is being less than honest. We rely on them to convey the speaker’s state of mind.

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A Demented Labor of Love
by James Frenkel, Senior Editor

I have edited, packaged, or been the in-house editor for several dozen anthologies since I started working in publishing, late in the last millennium. I’ve always loved working on them, especially anthologies with original stories, because they give readers (and the editor, too!) a chance to discover talented young writers who haven’t yet made a name for themselves with novels, as well as cool short fiction by wonderful established writers.

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Grab Bag Sweepstakes

We’ve got a number of great books coming out this month, in both hardcover and trade paperback. So we grabbed a random assortment of fun titles off our shelves to pass along to you!
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