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Hellhole by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson


In This Issue

  Halo and Science Fiction

  Beyond the Woo

  New Life For a Fan Favorite—Gunslinger Girl

  Reprint Roundup

  Housing Works Geek Week: Jo Walton & Charles Stross

  More Stories

Wheel of Time News

  Towers of Midnight ebook on sale now!

  Raymond Swanland and the Towers of Midnight ebook cover

  Announcing Wheel of Time on Facebook and Twitter

  In Soviet Kandor, puddle jumps in you. New Spring: The Graphic Novel, a Review’s Wheel of Time Re-Read continues with Crossroads of Twilight


  Hellhole by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson

  Halo Book & Audiobook Prize Pack

  Among Others by Jo Walton

  Dead Space: Martyr by B.K. Evenson

Preview Chapters

by Jay Lake

by Catherynne M. Valente

by Lisa Desrochers

by Elizabeth Bear

by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

by Alexey Pehov

by Melissa Scott

More chapter previews >>

Halo: Cryptum by Greg BearHalo and Science Fiction

By Greg Bear

There are lots of reasons for me to love science fiction. I grew up on sf—books, comic books, TV, movies—and very quickly decided I wanted to write it. I also wanted to create special effects, a la Ray Harryhausen, and later Star Trek and 2001: A Space Odyssey. The genre—if it is a genre—expanded my brain, challenged my prejudices and the prejudices of my culture, and drew me time and again back to the sciences. To this day, pulling me into a conversation about an idea—any idea—elicits this rambling mental journey back through science, books, movies, artistic visions. There’s no easy way to separate them in my head.



Storm of Reckoning by Doranna DurginBeyond the Woo

By Doranna Durgin

It was bound to happen—I’ve finally set a book in Sedona. I mean, take one writer of things fantastical living only an hour away from the red rocks, canyons, and vortexes. Give her a decade of exposure.

The inevitability of it is clear.

Seriously! Only an hour away from the woo-woo!

Not that my characters were as enthused.



Gunslinger Girl story and art by Yu AidaNew Life For a Fan Favorite—Gunslinger Girl

By Laura Fitzgerald

It always comes as a terrible shock when a manga series that you’ve been following comes to an end before its time. Sometimes, no matter how much you dearly love a series, it just isn’t in the cards. But then, sometimes a series gets a second chance. Gunslinger Girl is getting that second chance.



Puttering About in a Small Land by Philip K. DickReprint Roundup

By Stacy Hague-Hill

Tor is well-known for publishing original and high-quality genre novels, but we also reprint classics of the field. January and February include several of our old favorites.

January saw the release of Puttering About in a Small Land by Philip K. Dick, in trade paperback. In the 1950s, Dick wrote several novels outside of genre, which have been re-released by Tor in all-new hardcover and trade paperback editions. Puttering About in a Small Land is a realistic novel filled with details of everyday life and skillfully told from three points of view, all featuring the emotional intensity and the finely-observed characterizations are a hallmark of Philip K. Dick’s work.



More Stories

  Sam Weber on the ebook cover for Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn Trilogy

  The Big Idea: Jo Walton

  BBC interviews Ursula Le Guin

  Gene Wolfe talks dystopian futures, and the chances of star-drive in our lifetime

  All original stories are now available through iTunes, Kindle store, online B&N & lots more

  Preview: Deathless Comic by Catherynne M. Valente and Amy Houser

  ‘A Life in the Day’ - The Art Department’s Irene Gallo Takes Us Through It

  A reader asks Jay Lake questions

  Locus Online Perspectives: Robert J. Sawyer: Mapping the Future

  Cory Doctorow interview with School Libraries in Canada

  Fantasy Author’s Handbook interviews Paul Park

  A conversation with Jo Walton

  Fictionaut interviews Kit Reed

  Mary Robinette Kowal joins the Writing Excuses podcast for a discussion on: Film Considerations and Alternate History

  John Scalzi: Fantasy Picks for Science-Fiction-Movie Musicals and Science Fiction at the 2011 Oscars

  MIND MELD: What Are Your Favorite SF/F/H Audiobooks or Audio Stories of All Time?




Cradle of the Scar - Part One: Grant

Housing Works Geek Week: Jo Walton and Charles Stross

Tor Books is pleased to team with Housing Works to host an evening celebrating Geek Week — featuring award-winning authors Jo Walton, Charles Stross, Tor giveaways, and more! This marks the first time that either author has appeared in NYC and promises to be a fun, illuminating, and geeky good time.



New Spring: The Graphic Novel based on the novel by Robert Jordan, by Chuck Dixon, Mike Miller, and Harvey Tolibao

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