Brandon Sanderson is the bestselling author of books including The Way of Kings, and The Mistborn Trilogy. He has also written his YA debut, The Rithmatist, a book for all ages recently published by Tor Teen. He rose to #1 on the New York Times bestseller list when completing the final books in Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time® series—The Gathering Storm, Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light—based on Jordan’s notes and material. He lives in Utah.

Robert Jordan was born in 1948 in Charleston, South Carolina. He is a graduate of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, with a degree in physics. Robert Jordan began writing in 1977 and went on to write The Wheel of Time®, one of the most important and best selling series in the history of fantasy publishing with over 14 million copies sold in North America, and countless more sold abroad.

Robert Jordan died on September 16, 2007, after a courageous battle with the rare blood disease amyloidosis.

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The #1 bestselling and final novel in The Wheel of Time® series—now available as an eBook.

Memory of Light by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson

About the Book

Since Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time® debuted with its first book, The Eye of the World, readers have been anticipating the final scenes of this extraordinary saga.

When Robert Jordan died in 2007, all feared that these concluding scenes would never be written. But working from notes and partials left by Jordan, established fantasy writer Brandon Sanderson stepped in to complete the masterwork. With The Gathering Storm (Book 12) and Towers of Midnight (Book 13) behind him, Sanderson delivers A Memory of Light (Book 14), the series finale completing the vision that Robert Jordan left behind.

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