A Well-Trained Wife


ON SALE 8/6/24

Told in a beautiful, honest, and sometimes harrowing voice, A Well-Trained Wife is an unforgettable and timely memoir about a woman’s race to save herself and her family and details the ways that extreme views can manifest in a marriage.

In this brave memoir on domestic violence within Christian patriarchy, Tia Levings vulnerably shares her story of survival. Cait West, author of Rift I’ve never given a book a standing ovation until this one. A prayer, for all of us. A reckoning for those who sanction abuse in the name of salvation.” Ashleigh Renard, author of Swing With unflinching honesty and relentless self-reflection, Levings’ debut memoir is a portrait in courage. Julie Bogart, author of The Brave Learner and Raising Critical Thinkers