From one of the most respected critics of the news


On Sale 10/18/22

An intimate memoir about a groundbreaking career in journalism that explores how the public has lost trust in the press since the Watergate era—and how to restore it

Sullivan pulls the curtain back to reveal how journalism really works and the very human decisions behind it. KATIE COURIC Her voice is engaging, her frankness refreshing and her call to action well worth heeding. LEONARD DOWNIE, Jr., former executive editor, The Washington Post A dishy, fun book . . . a must-read. MOLLY JONG-FAST, The Atlantic Diversity, male arrogance, journalistic thin skins, colorful newsroom characters—they're all here, along with a strong, underlying warning about looming electoral threats to democracy . . . This is a remarkable achievement. NEIL BARSKY, Founder, The Marshall Project