Black Ops

On Sale 3/1/22

This harrowing memoir from one of the highest-ranking covert warriors in the CIA lifts the veil of secrecy and offers a glimpse into a world of assassins, spies, and the shadow wars that America has fought from the Vietnam Era to today.

Ric Prado is a legendary CIA Operations Officer who gave almost three decades of exceptional service to his country...exhibiting the highest standards of character, ethics, principle, courage, and heroism. Cofer Black, former Director, CIA Counterterrorist Center Ric Prado is an American original, a shadow warrior. Steve Coll, New York Times bestselling author of GHOST WARS and winner of the Pulitzer Prize Ric Prado is a rare breed of CIA officer—a badass paramilitary operations officer and a sharp-thinking member of the Agency’s Senior Intelligence Service elite. Annie Jacobsen, New York Times bestselling author of AREA 51 and SURPRISE, KILL, VANISH