The Simple Art of Rice

Recipes from Around the World for the Heart of Your Table

JJ Johnson and Danica Novgorodoff

The Simple Art of Rice by JJ Johnson
JJ Johnson portrait © Yuxi Liu
©Yuxi Liu

From award-winning author and acclaimed chef JJ Johnson comes a cookbook full of delicious recipes that celebrate the history and versatility of one of the world’s essential foods.

The Simple Art of Rice is a celebration of rice and the many cultures in which this life‑giving grain takes pride of place at the center of every table. Featuring a fool‑proof method for turning out perfect rice every time, the recipes here are influenced by global flavors from Asia to Europe, Africa to the Americas, and feature many of the world’s favorite dishes.

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There’s no one better than JJ Johnson at helping you cook in your own kitchen. The Simple Art of Rice is a beautiful book and a masterclass for your family’s table. Selena Gomez

Comforting, joyful and utterly delicious—this is an essential cookbook. Jamie Oliver

A soulful rice culinary journey. His recipes offer both new inspiration and century‑old techniques, leaving you to question how you ever treated rice as an afterthought. Chef Daniel Boulud, Chef/Restaurateur