Nurture the Wow

Danya Ruttenberg

A deeply affecting, funny, insightful meditation that challenges readers to find the spiritual meaning of parenting.

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DOWNLOAD FREE DISCUSSION GUIDE This 10-part conversation guide offers parents a chance to reflect together on how parenting has impacted their hearts, lives, and spirituality by providing tools and ideas for engaging the work of raising children more deeply. Powered by Ask Big Questions’ award-winning methodology, these discussion guides can be used as standalone conversation-starters or in conjunction with the book, NURTURE THE WOW. They’re a great way for community centers, preschools, synagogues, churches, and other organizations to engage the parents in their communities in a powerful, meaningful way.
This illuminating book offers much that can enrich the experience of daily care for small children. Judith Plaskow, Author of Standing Again at Sinai Nurture the Wow is a great reminder to live more fully in the present—a great gift to any child and every parent. Danya Ruttenberg’s own story woven with doses of wisdom from religious and spiritual leaders gives this book the perfect balance of head and heart. Amy Richards, author of Opting In Remember the ‘operating instructions’ Anne Lamott famously complained don’t come with babies? Well, they finally got here! Rabbi Danya Ruttenerg breaks the news gently: the kids themselves aren't the problem — the manual we need is for our own messed-up mental states, and Nurture the Wow is exactly that. I so wish I’d had this wise, funny, and insightful book thirty-six years ago. Carol Lee Flinders, author of the forthcoming Our Fistful of Salt: Gandhi and the Global Women’s Movement